For any pictures that we will show the people we interview, we will have to obtain pictures that we are allowed to use. Any pictures we take, we will put a creative commons license on. I do not anticipate taking any pictures on the people we interview so I don’t think we will have to worry getting consent to use anyone’s image but we will if it becomes an issue. We will explain our project and what we are looking at to the people we interview before we interview them so they are fully aware of everything so they can properly agree to disagree to giving us an interview. We will respect everyone’s privacy, especially since we are dealing with sexuality which is a sensitive topic to most. It is important that they know we can hide their name if they wish so the connection cannot be made back to them, especially since we may be getting harsh reactions out of them. Lastly, we will try our best not to offend anyone for their ideas, opinions or views and try to depict their opinions without judgment.Ethics

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  1.   biancaerriah Says:

    Will you be doing one on one interviews, group interviews, or open ended surveys?
    What other kinds of pictures will you find to use? I cant wait to see the final product.
    One of the hardest things during an interview is to listen to people, especially when they are talking about something as sensitive as sexuality. Be sure to be neutral and not form your questions in a way that implies your own opinion. For example. Last semester we had a question on our survey about transsexuals. It was something like “Why do you think people are transsexuals?” and The choices were it was a mental issue, they chose to change their sex because they felt the need to…. etc… but then we realized we were implying our own opinions. so i guess prior your interviews go over all ur questions to make sure of that too

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