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Sexual Orientation and Gender: Sterotypes and beyond.

In this paper Theo G.M. Stndfort explores empirical research about the relationship between sexual orientation and gender. He talkes about one studie that gives a more complicated meaning of the realtionship between sexual orientation and gender by targeting the relationship between male hmosexuality and femininity conducted by L.M. Ternan and Miles. In this survey they found two groups of homosexual men, with both extreme signs of masculinity and femininity in their self  perspectives. ” The relation between sexual orientation and gender is currently being studied in a highly polarized way ( Lorber, 1999).” In society it has been taboo for quite some time to mention or suggest that there might be a relation between effeminacy and male homosexuality. According to Lorber : homosexual people are merely understood as “performance”, with  the implicit of being under volitional control. This article also introduces the painting of Napoleon by the American pop artist Larry Rivers, calling the painting “The Greatest Homosexual” where the painting was meant as a gay canonization of Napoleon. will upload the picture soon!

I’m not gay….Im a real man! Heterosexual Men’s Gender Self-Esteem and Sexual Prejudice

This article is from Juan manuel Falomir-Pichastor, Gabriel Mugny that talks hevaily about “sexual prejudice”  and our society falling victum to stereotypical views and judgement. In this arlicle they were five studies examing the hypothesis of heterosextual men: in the fist two studies  showed that men’s gender self-esteam was positive related to sexual prejudice, the more positive heterosexual men’s gender self-esteam,  the more negative their attitude towards homosexuality. In study three and four showed that this link appears to be filled with prejudice and an unconfortable willingness to get close to gay man. In the last study lead to the results of men’s attitude as a defensive function aganist threats to their masculinity, this shows a direct connection betweens men’s sexual prejudice and their self-esteem.    


We will be conducting interviews with men of all ages in order to group them together into the age groups we will be comparing. We will ask them a series of questions regarding their definition of masculinity, what it means for a man to be masculine, whether they feel gay men can be considered masculine, etc. in hopes to examine the relationship between the two. During the interview, we will use photo elicitation in order to see how the men react to different levels of heteronormative masculinity and the stereotypical feminine. Combining the interview with the reactions to the photographs should help us notice a relationship between men’s sense and idea of masculinity and the way homosexuality affects this.


We will fully disclose the intentions of our interview with the men and ask their permission to use anything from the interview in our project. We will remind them they can end the interview and withdraw from participating in our project whenever they want to. Sexuality is a sensitive topic to most so we will be careful to try not to push or offend anyone with the interview. The photos we will use for the photo elicitation, we will make sure we have permission to use and will credit the sources. Any pictures we take, we will put a creative commons license on and make sure have permission of any possible subjects in the photos.

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1. What is the main goal/objective of the organization or group? in what ways do members try to achieve their goals?

The main goal  of  The Independent Media Center is ” a network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth. We work out of a love and inspiration for people who continue to work for a better world, despite corporate media’s distortions and unwillingness to cover the efforts to free humanity.”

2. From their self-presentation on website, how do you think this group is organized and makes decision?

Their  self-presentation on website is from  receiving almost 1.5 million hits as they spread their message across the web. How do you think this group is organized and makes decision? Indymedia is currently developing a global decision-making process that will enable all IMCs to make decisions that affect the whole network. The current proposal is for Indymedia to form a “global spokescouncil” that will confirm decisions on global Indymedia issues that local IMCs have made through their own decision-making processes.”

3. What is the main goal/objective of the organization or group? In what ways do members try to achieve their goals?

Indymedia strives to empower people to become the media by presenting honest, accurate, powerful independent reports. The goals vary between all the leaders of this organization but one vague long-term goal is to “foster and facilitate the development of as much independent media as possible around the world.”

The organization provides up-to-the-minute reports, photos, audio and video footage through its website as well as its own newspaper, distributed throughout Seattle and to other cities via the internet, as well as audio segments, transmitted through the web and radio.

4. As far as you can tell: who are the members of this group? Who can join, and how?

The organization is made up of various independent and alternative media organizations and activists.

5. Would you join this group; why or why not?

I would not personally join this group because I do not have any interest in their cause but that does not take away from the fact that I think they’re work is valiant. I just am not a journalist or an activist.

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The idea of graffi has an impact on our culture values and has mixed reviews in our society. certain people believe that graffi is an unexplored art while other thinks its a gang related movement. in New Orleans people are using the streets to voice their opinion on public streets. For example the message “No More Prisons” was sprayed on many streets and public places like S.  Claibone avenue and even St. Charles Avenue. . The  streets have became testament to local anti-war protest: poasted on Barrone Streets reads war keeps kids off the wat…

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For any pictures that we will show the people we interview, we will have to obtain pictures that we are allowed to use. Any pictures we take, we will put a creative commons license on. I do not anticipate taking any pictures on the people we interview so I don’t think we will have to worry getting consent to use anyone’s image but we will if it becomes an issue. We will explain our project and what we are looking at to the people we interview before we interview them so they are fully aware of everything so they can properly agree to disagree to giving us an interview. We will respect everyone’s privacy, especially since we are dealing with sexuality which is a sensitive topic to most. It is important that they know we can hide their name if they wish so the connection cannot be made back to them, especially since we may be getting harsh reactions out of them. Lastly, we will try our best not to offend anyone for their ideas, opinions or views and try to depict their opinions without judgment.Ethics

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