For the topic of the necessary improvements on Queens College campus I played the part of the researcher (introduces the topic, asks the participant questions, takes notes, leads the interview). It was really fun to get out of the class room and have hands on experiences in learning about the researcher and Participant role in our lesson. It definitely helped me understand each role better and made learning about it very interesting and fun. And while asking the questions I came up with I got to know my fellow classmate Nisha a lot better and most of the views she shared was the same as my views too. The first question I asked was how would you improve Queens College? Her response is bigger campuses, classroom, cafes to sit and eat basically expand it since we have so much students going to this college. I definitely agree with her ideas why not make it bigger so students feel like it’s more of a college.  

The second question I asked was what’s your favorite part of QC? Her response was the way the library looked inside and out. Which I also agree with, that our library is very relaxing and theirs so much information there. And we have a café inside the library where you can sit and read and have lunch their. Her least favorite part of QC was the amount of people that goes here and not enough space as classrooms seem to get more crowed each year and fewer places you can go and relax at school. She wishes we had more maps around school so it’s easier to to find building. However, we wish the building were more attractive to look at.

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  1.   antonia Says:

    Great start. I wish you would have shared a bit more analysis with us, and one or two pictures!

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