I really like the idea of  Jessica Torres because i’m really in to video games and most of my friends from qc are big video games fans, way more than me actually. so i think i would  have enough people for my reseacrh and surverys. still not sure the idea i want to go with it, but think most people use video games as an escape from every day life problems and school stress so want to see how it relates to student life and adult life also.

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3 Responses to “I’m intersted in the video games topic!”

  1.   amaru Says:

    Hey man, I like the video games topic also…But ever since it was presented to me as an idea; I can’t stop thinking about the tattoo idea because they fascinate me and I know so little about them. I was thinking about body art in general (piercings, tattoos). I’m very indecisive though, so I can’t really say for sure what I’m gonna do 100%, so I’m just having a hard time pushing myself in any particular direction.

  2.   mhaniff88 Says:

    hey thats a real good idea too, not sure what to do with the tattoo idea but sounds instersting also let me know your ideas on it, might be intersted in doing that too depending on what approch you want to take with it, my # is 347 866 7313, feel free to text me and see if u want to match up ideas

  3.   antonia Says:

    Try to add another “sociological lens” to your topic of video games (e.g. gender, age, ethnicity) and you’ll see it makes finding a focus much easier. Also, finding references and starting to read about it will help.
    PS: I am glad you guys are already connecting on your blogs! See Amaru’s blog for my comments on his tattoo topic. It would be great if you work together.

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