The symbol of the dragon represents the path into greater enlightenment, a strong and powerful force that can never be destroyed. However it’s a power that lies within us waiting to emerge to be victories in our endeavors of life. A Dragon person is self confident and impulsive and consequently does not always listen to the advice of others. He is also a perfectionist and he sets high standards for himself and tries to achieve these goals no matter what. Although strong will and decisive the Dragon is not manipulative or sly. He refuses to deceive or compromise and fails to spot subversive intent. I strongly feel my personality in life reflect these thoughts and see myself being closely related to the Earth Dragon: which is a quieter, more reflective; He will be appreciative of other’s opinions even if he fails to agree with them. He is reasonable in his approach to problems and his leadership is less dictatorial.

         He is not given to outbursts of temper, but at the same time demands respect. He knows the value of cooperation and is more diplomatic than the other around him. He is ambitious, but his initiatives are less hurried and more carefully thought out. Throughout life I find myself being very pacifist towards most problems that occur. Not saying I don’t get mad just always see the glass as half full rather than half empty, because I realize how lucky I truly am to be giving an opportunity to achieve my goals and desires from all the hard work my parents went through to bring me to America for a better opportunity!  We all have our dark side but I allow mine to soar way in the sky in order never to hurt anyone around me. However at times I wish I can escape in to the wind and soar away to clear my head but I usually end up taking a nice long walk in to central park or anywhere as a matter of fact!

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  1.   antonia Says:

    Very poetic entry, Mohamed! Unfortunately, some of these are not your words (see and you should always quote or cite when you copy and paste! Please correct this asap.
    Also, next time, if you post an image that is not yours, please reference its source. Thank you.

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